Northwood University continues to dominate Rocket League’s college esports scene and have secured their place as the top ranked team in our inaugural BNOC Top Ten. Northwood has earned the top spot by compiling a 5-0 record in NACE, 10-1 record in the CRL, 4-1 record in AVGL, and 1-2 record in UGC.

Stockton University and Columbia College sit at #2 and #3 respectively. Columbia is dominating Collegiate Rocket League with an undefeated record of 13-0 and they have also posted a 9-1 record in UGC. Stockton claims an edge over Columbia with Stockton’s resume including records of 7-1 in NACE, 10-2 record in CRL, 4-1 record in AVGL, despite an 0-2 record in UGC. 

The College Rocket League esports scene has never been deeper with teams such as UCF and Akron rounding out the next tier of the BNOC Top 10.