I moderated a panel which included college Esports coaches and program directors on the most effective strategy to employ in getting their attention. They emphasized the importance of being proactive and persistent. 

Their specific tips on the most effective approach to contact them to get on their recruiting radar include: 

  • Present yourself as a whole person (academics, activities, interests) as well as your gaming prowess 
  • Express confidence - be your own champion, market yourself and make sure coaches see you 
  • Contact coaches via email, Discord, Twitter and other relevant social media and Esports related platforms 
  • Present yourself in a professional, clear and concise manner 
  • Your social media presence and game tag should be mature and not inappropriate 
  • Include the following in your email/Discord message - greeting, personal name, game tag, game played, rank in game, amateur teams played on, success you've had, GPA, SAT/ACT scores, academic transcript and other activities in which you are involved (sports, community, church) 
  • Personalize to the college you are contacting (what you're looking for, why you're interested in their specific college) 
  • Engage advocates to reach out on your behalf - your high school coaches, friends in the specific college program 
  • If you don't compete with a high school team, use these strategies as well
  • Utilize a platform such as BNOC to create a player profile for all of the subscribed college coaches to access 
  • Tap into high school associations, BNOC and RecruitU which have Discords for recruiting info and contacts 

Realize that every coach is stretched in terms of time so you need to be patient and persistent in implementing this plan and even repeating its steps. Don't be timid - your college gaming career depends on it.